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In memoriam Guangqin Chen 1957 - †2009

Speak Good Chinese is a cross-platform application based on Praat technology that allows you or your students to train their Mandarin pronunciation. Our speech technology is backed by the Institute of Phonetic Sciences part of the University of Amsterdam.

We have a short promotional video made by Lifeng Liu and Guangqin Chen (in a small and large format), which can also be found at digiemotion and at Surfnet.

This project was supported by grant 6046 from the Digitale Universiteit.

Version 2.0 is out for Mac OSX, Linux, and Windows

Our project is available now on repo.or.cz/w/sgc2.git. Our code is available from this git repository and should be combined with the praat code available at Praat.org.

SpeakGoodChinese 2.0 can use word lists in plain pinyin text form, and with Characters, translations, and audio examples. The integrated eSpeak Mandarin Speech Synthesizer will generate example pronunciations when live audio examples are not available. See the Wordlists entry on the left for examples. SpeakGoodChinese 2.0 can be extended with standard speech synthesis applications. SpeakGoodChinese 2.0 integrates the free (FOSS) eSpeak Mandarin speech synthesis, but can also use other speech synthesis applications.


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New developments in SpeakGoodChinese 2.0 include: